My deaf mother at the last didgeridoo immersion, feeling the vibrations of 15 didgeridoos!

The Agave stalks are tall flower blossoms, the plant creates only one in it's life(up to 100 years long, thus the other name "century plant") to get it's seeds as high as it can before it dies. The agave we'll use are hand-harvested by Kennedy himself, selected for excellent back-pressure(makes playing/circular breathing easier), and vary between 5-7 feet tall, giving you the option to choose a higher or deeper pitched didgeridoo. He makes the 4,000 mile round-trek to Sedona, AZ where the quality of agave surpasses Florida agave.

Sedona, AZ. This is literally where I harvested the agave that will become your didgeridoo.

 This experience offers a depth of connection with this ancestral vibration. Together, in communal exploration and with reverence to the original tribe, we forge our own instruments through the flame.

We'll talk about tribal culture, ceremonies and stories. Send them reverence and gratitude. Discuss the implications of cultural appropriation, and do our best to honor the culture with this incredible tool. 

            Enjoy camping in a gorgeous serene land with mountain vistas, quiet country-side, streams and forest, creeks and a swimming pond in the oldest mountains in the world,

 Join the 9th bi-annual Immersion. Spend time in ceremony and spontaneous play. Walk away with your handmade didgeridoo.

(5% of profits will go to The Healing Foundation, a non-profit that helps Aboriginal survivors of the stolen generations to heal inter-generational trauma. It's not the ultimate solution, but it's something to try to give back.)

A weekend Immersion into playing & creating, learning & sharing, exploring & experiencing the incredible  resonance of humankind's first musical instrument...The Didgeridoo. ​ Join the Bi-annual event, next date: September 16th-19th 2021! 

We'll talk about didgeridoo tribal culture, ceremonies and stories. We discuss the implications of cultural appropriation, and do our best to honor the culture with this incredible tool. Enjoy a full symphony sound healing journey, fire-side toning circle, drumming, breath-work, and walk home with your handmade didgeridoo.

Kennedy OneSelf has been playing the didgeridoo for 10 years, and making them for 9 years. This has been such a big focus and cultivation in his life, that he has become quite adept in both making and playing them. This is a rare opportunity to have a deeper dive into the vibrations of this amazing tool. This entire package, for a similar price as simply purchasing a didgeridoo(also an option).

Listen to his music here:

Here is the website of the lacquer that we will use

For years, as a deep purist, Kennedy only used raw tung oil to coat his didgeridoos. They were rough and tacky, but completely natural! These days, he uses poly-whey and eco-poxy, which are 90% natural, and far more sleek and clean. These didgeridoos end up being totally water proof, they have been left in the rain! They are quite durable and have an Amazing tone. Agave didgeridoos have an earthy tone that is far superior to bamboo, comparable to hardwood, and immensely lightweight!

From Previous attendees:

"I still look back to that weekend as one of the best of my life." Cody

"This was so much more than just a workshop. It was a whole life-changing experience!"

“I want Everyone to know how insanely EMPOWERING this workshop is! It Literally changed the whole path of my life and business. If you're interested, JUST DO IT!" -Amy Hargis, previous attend

     Join the 8th bi-annual Immersion. Spend time in ceremony and spontaneous play. Walk home with your own handmade didgeridoo.

     For the entire weekend, and taking your own didgeridoo home, the cost is only $430. This is less than most professional didgeridoos you can buy. Space is limited
To secure your spot, a $230 deposit is required.  Venmo to Kennedy-Oneself or paypal to and family!) and your spot is reserved! Seats Will sell out.

Deposits are refundable until 4 weeks before start of event OR when event reaches full capacity. You'll be notified when immersion is full, and have a last chance at redeeming deposit.


Didgeridoo Immersion Retreat:

Make Your own Agave Didgeridoo

    This retreat is already filling fast, taking deposits now.

Loose schedule:

Aim to Arrive around 4:00-6:00 P.M. to set up camp, meet and greet and ground in (Fri. morning arrival ok)

Upon arrival, you'll receive a personalized demo of the wide range of pitches that agave didgeridoos can emit, which will aid you in choosing which agave stalk you'll make into a didgeridoo.

Thursday night, we'll potluck in the field, and after eating we'll circle up and intentionally light the fire with an matchless friction fire method.

We'll each get a chance to speak out intentions for being here in the fire circle.
We'll open our voices with guided toning exercises and create a unique spontaneous song. Bring drums, shakers, didgeridoos, flutes etc.

9:00 A.M. Intentional Fire-lighting, All voices heard, and begin hollowing your didgeridoo
1:00ish Take lunch whenever you want(bring your own)
5:00 Aim to be completely finished carving, hollowing, sanding your didgeridoo. Attach mouthpiece.
7:00- Dinner prepared for us
Music around the fire as long as we want.

10:00 Meditation Discourse & guided silence and sound meditation; closed by didgeridoo chorus sound bath
11:30 Lacquer the inside of the didgeridoo
1:00 Lunch
2:00 Sand and shape the outside
3:00 Lacquer and decorate the outside
5:00 Carving Wooden Mouthpieces
6:30 Dinner Feast Prepared for us

Evening Fire is lit, Conversations & Vibrations commence

9:00 am: Discussion about Aboriginal Culture;
Circle & Conversation about Appropriation & Appreciation
11:00 Breathwork
12:00 How to Play and Circular Breathing class
1:00 Lunch/Break down camp
2:30 The Symphony of Serenity Sound Healing
4:00 Closing