DidgeriGuru Gathering

No Djembes

Because of the on-going meditations and for the sake of being able to fully hear and be present with the didgeridoos, which can be drowned out by loud drumming, this is a no Djembe's event. Frame drums, shakers, rain sticks, tablas, buffalo drums, medicine drums, etc. Are all welcome!

A Gathering of conscious awareness in thanks to the the breath-work meditation of humbling vibrations of the Ancient Path of This Moment; In Gratitude with The Didgeridoo!
This gathering also blends Sound Healing & Meditation, Toning with Jamming, Kirtan with the Didge, Organic Feasts with Good Family, Becoming a Platform for the healing essence of togetherness centered around the simple truth that we are.
           And upon this truth, we Awaken the Spirit.
This gathering is still in it's gestation period, meaning it does not yet exist, but is a vision unfolding. contact me if you'd like to volunteer, contribute, or simply show interest in coming and get on the email list!

Didgeridoos & Sound Healing,
Meditations & Jamming, Breathing & Being.

A Vision of the Potential Schedule:

Opening Circle & Didgeridoo Chorus Meditation

Didgeridoo, Flute & Drum Meditation

OutDoor Tea Lounge in The Grass:

Main Hall:
Drone Harp Toning Circle
Soul Medicine Vibrations

Sound Healing (Closed Container)
Chaitanya Kirtan w/Didge

Conference Room:
Open Jam Time(No Djembe’s Indoors)

Open Jam Time:

Dinner Feast 6:00-8:00
Sunset Watching Party-6:45…ish

Maxime Le Royer & Peter Levitov
Audio Alchemy Meditation Concert

We will have a little didgeridoo/sound healing marketplace, so this is a great gathering to pick up your first didge.

DidgeriGuru Gathering