Black Tourmaline & Butterfly Wings

71''  x  6 3/4'' Pitch of B(432)


Lichen and Blue Calcite $315

49 inches tall, 2 1/2 inches wide, Tone of F

Shipping is about $40-$60 and is not included in sale price. Take the journey to visit me in Asheville, NC, play each didge personally, and avoid shipping costs, or I can ship to anywhere.

Deep Key of A

Tall deep, curvy, beautiful


Mugwort, Lichen and Quartz


SOLD Real Exotic Butterfly, Piteresite crystal insert, maple mouthpiece. Wide and powerful tone, $400

The Wizard Staff:Was a personal didge for two years.

63'' x 5''  Pitch of C


Feel free to contact me for sound samples if you're interested in a particular didgeridoo.

61'' tall

4 1/2'' wide bell

Key of C#

Key:  E

Height: 52''

Bell Width 4 1/2''


64'' tall, 6'' wide bell, Pitch of C#

SOLD Orange Quartz surrounded by Sunflower Petals, Lichen and Moth Wings

Centered in Asheville, NC, I am devoted to creating tools for meditation, sound healing, and serenity. May these vibrating sounds bring us to remember the silence within.

65''tall---5 1/2'' bell---



85'' tall!  Amethyst and Quartz

G# tone, the deepest of all my didgeridoos

6''wide bell


Bell Width:6''

68 inches tall

Pitch of B


Watch this video to hear the variety of tones available, and feel into which sound resonates most with you.

Exceptionally skinny until the phenomenal bell, deep for it's size.

Fire-Hollowed, Hand Sanded, Breath Activated, Agave Didjeridus lacquered naturally with Orange Peels, Cashew Shell Resin, and Sustainably Recycled Whey/milk.

Mugwort & Lichen


Pitch of C#


The taller the didge, the deeper the tone, as a beginner a didgeridoo around the pitches of D, C and B are great tones for starter players. Whereas, a high F, or a low G take a little more practice.

        Every didgeridoo I make is fire-hollowed, so it is a single-piece of wood, and hand-sanded, lacquered with natural products and ecologically responsible awareness, often played for many hours in meditation and sound healing journeys, infused with presence, serenity, and the profound simplicity of breath.

          From the very beginning, the whole craft is a meditation that I feel honored and blessed to be cultivating. Both the path of craftsmanship, and the journey of this vibration have impacted my consciousness so significantly that I feel passionate about spreading the sound of the didgeridoo.

Blue Kyanite and Lichen Inserts

C# 63'' tall 5 1/2''  bell   $385

64'' tall

5 1/2 '' bell

High of D

Fern and a tiny quartz


52 inches tall  3 3/4 inch bell
High pitch of E    $335

Height: 61''  Bell Width: 5 1/2''

Pitch: C#  Micah crystal and Lichen


Blue Calcite & Lichen Inserts



Width: 2 3/4''

Pitch: B       Lichen Inclusion


74'' x 5 1/2 '' Pitch of B


Length- 56 inches

Bell width-6 inches

Pitch- e Flat

This agave stalk was home to a bee family, and you can see it's honey-bee hive shaped bell. The hole that was their doorway, I patched up with an amber inclusion, through which the sun will shine in the right angle.

81'' x 6 1/4'' Pitch of A

$400  Orange kyanite resting atop a bed of Lichen

SOLD Fern, Blue Tiger's Eye and Quartz

Height:70'' Tone is High of B Flat,

Bell Width: 6''  $400

Key of D


5 inch wide bell

Blue Calcite & Fern


Didjeridu Shop

Key of B  Fern and Rattlesnake plantain

66'' tall

Bell: 3 1/2''

Tulip Poplar Mouthpiece- $330

Other Didges Gallery: Not for sale...yet

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