Forest harvested redwood mouthpiece

Polished kyanite inclusion


Centered in Asheville, NC, I am devoted to creating tools for meditation, sound healing, and serenity. May these vibrating sounds bring us to remember the silence within.

61'' tall

4 1/2 '' bell

High of C#

Crystal inclusions


Listen to this didge.

6'' wide bell       Mahogany mouthpiece

This didgeridoo was a personal "not for sale" didgeridoo for years, until just now.


The only didgeridoo I have left that is completely lacquered in tung tree seed oil. It's texture is rough and raw, it's color darkened, it's curve and bell powerful and commanding,it's exterior a little scratched by experience, it's tone high for it's size in the pitch between B and C. 65 inches tall, 6 1/2 inch bell.    $365

Key of F at 440 hz

Simple and nature decorated. High tone of F and piercing percussive ability.


Shipping is about $40-$60 and is not included in sale price. Take the journey to visit me in Asheville, NC, play each didge personally, and avoid shipping costs, or I can ship to anywhere.

Each didge is an intimate process, often being in my possession for many months or even a few years, as they patiently await their perfect home to find them.  Feel free to contact me for sound samples if you can't visit me in person.

 Every didgeridoo I make is fire-hollowed, so it is a single-piece of wood, and hand-sanded, lacquered with natural products and ecologically responsible awareness, often played for many hours in meditation and sound healing journeys, infused with presence, joy, serenity, harmony, and the profound simplicity of breath.

          From the very beginning, the whole craft is a meditation, that I feel honored and blessed to be cultivating. And this deep relationship with this powerful plant, and this powerful vibration is something I am so grateful to share with the world.

A tall and deep tone of G: This didge is very rare as it actually has a cap at the roots. Occasionally with agave, you get to keep the bell(as often it is too wet or soft, and has to be cut off), and rarely you get the wooden sides, but only once have I found an agave stalk that kept it's entire root ball attached. That is this one.      $380

This agave stalk was home to a bee family, and you can see it's honey-bee hive shaped bell. The hole that was their doorway, I patched up with an amber inclusion, through which the sun will shine in the right angle.

47 inches tall  5 inch bell
High pitch of 432 G    $335

Lichen insert. Very clean sound, deep and potent.

Tiger's eye crystal

Redwood mouthpiece


59'' tall

2 1/2'' wide bell

redwood mouthpiece

440 hz C

B flat


This didgeridoo is so cute and small and high pitched that it is almost more like a conch shell, that blasts across the valley!      $170

The Golden Staff

Deep Key of A

Tall deep, curvy, beautiful


Ask for a sound Sample of any didge!!

Email at

58'' tall

4'' wide bell

Key of 440 D

Key:  High of D

Height: About 5' 4''

Tulip Poplar Mouthpiece

Gradually Tapered Bell


Tiger Flower

Tiger's eye, yellow and red, with two flower petal inclusions, gorgeous red tones and bell.

53''tall---5'' bell---

---432 E---


The taller the didge, the deeper the tone, as a beginner a didgeridoo around the pitches of D, C and B are great tones for starter players. Whereas, a high F, or a low G take a little more practice.

Length- 43 inches

Bell width-4 1/2 inches

Pitch- 440 F #

Didjeridu Shop

6 foot tall

3'' bell   Surprisingly deep for

it's size b-b flat      $315

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Subsonic Deep

94 1/2 inches tall!

Deep tone just under 432 G#

Key of D-440 hz      Crystal Insert

Approx-5 feet tall/54''

Tulip Poplar Mouthpiece- $300

Fire-Hollowed, Hand Sanded, Breath Activated, Agave Didjeridus lacquered naturally with Orange Peels, Cashew Shell Resin, and Sustainably Recycled Whey/milk.

White pine mouthpiece- $375

Simple agave didgeridoo, excellent tone


Approximately 7 feet tall! 92''

Deep Grumbling G#

Fern and crystal inclusions