Enjoy the Journey of Sounds anywhere you are.     Listen to the resonance  ~~find inner stillness~~

  Sonic Synergy is the lively woven orchestra of elegant melodies and fascinating frequencies that will move your body and soul.

You are invited to give yourself time to relax and simply listen. Listen without any effort of any kind. Not trying to breathe long and deep, but noticing the natural rhythm of the breath. Not trying to clear the mind of all thoughts, but becoming a witness to the movements of the mind.

At ease, we begin to notice the small gaps of stillness in between thoughts. Gradually, we will find it easier to reside in this immensely peaceful silence within. In a relaxed state, following the breath and listening deeply, we have created the right circumstances for peace to make a home in us, for meditation to happen to us. These harmonic vibrations are designed to become a foundation for our journey towards blissfulness.

     The Symphony of Serenity is the

Slow & Gentle Meditative and     Relaxing Sound Healing Album

    Rich with resonance, the intricately woven layers of organic sound frequencies create peacefully uplifting melodies, energized rhythms and vital vibrations. These meditative compositions are theme songs for the adventure of living.

This is the soundtrack to the evolution of your centered spirit. Loaded with harps, flutes, handpans, didgeridoo, and even drums, this is a totally different listening experience.