Here I combine the hulusi flute with crystal singing bowls and reverb.

The Hulusi

Ancient Chinese Drone "Chanter" Flute

Gourd Resonating Chamber, three bamboo tubes, with a primary flute channel, and two drones that can be opened or closed. With the drone activated, the two chambers interact and dance in a uniquely effervescent way. It is also possible to circular breathe on this flute, unlike many other flutes, meaning that the soothing sound current can be a consistent vibration, without having to stop to breathe. It has three metal reeds, which are what give it such a uniquely booming sound. Even by a river, or playing with drums or other musicians, this flute is not drowned out.

The Hulusi in this video was $400, since most people do not want to pay this much, and this particular maker is almost always out of stock, I have found other hulusis that are available in the $200-$300 range. These flutes sound almost as smooth and perfectly tuned as this one, and are available through me.

I've been experimenting with purchasing hulusis from many different sources, and am finally getting to the point where I can get great sounding instruments for moderate prices.

The N'Goni

African Harp made of gourd, goat skin, wood, bamboo, and strings. Here is the last one that I built. I have one N'goni for sale.

I do not make these flutes myself.  But so many people so consistently respond with "I must have that sound in my life" and it is difficult with so many cheap varieties available online to find a quality one, I decided to make them available.

You are invited to give yourself time to relax and simply listen. Listen without any effort of any kind. Not trying to breathe long and deep, but noticing the natural rhythm of the breath. Not trying to clear the mind of all thoughts, but becoming a witness to the movements of the mind.

At ease, we begin to notice the small gaps of stillness in between thoughts. Gradually, we will find it easier to reside in this immensely peaceful silence within. In a relaxed state, following the breath and listening deeply, we have created the right circumstances for peace to make a home in us, for meditation to happen to us. These harmonic vibrations are designed to become a foundation for our journey towards blissfulness.

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