This is an opportunity to learn a modality that can inspire a direct connection to our true self. By supporting the inner adventure of cultivating consciousness, this work aspires to heal the very roots of all suffering...unawareness. Sound Healing can spread peace and serenity to the planet, and tell the world what no words can say. By encouraging a meditative silence to blossom in the people, we can show others that everlasting peace emerges from within. This program will present to you a unique perspective to designing your own career in sound healing.

Sound Healing Immersion Apprenticeship

This is a non-scientific, non-theoretical approach to the rapidly emerging field of vibrational therapy. My devotion is purely focused on encouraging an experience of inner peace. It is designed to support a meditative blissfulness in both participant and practitioner, as well as creating a viable and sustainable occupation and offering to the world what it truly opportunity to relax.

The program for 2018 is full, but stay in tune for the next immersion by getting on the email list from the contacts page.

Sound Healing is becoming widely recognized as a powerful new(and ancient) method of inspiring serenity and encouraging relaxation, as well as healing various physical ailments and dis-eases. Although it has many scientifically proven benefits, that is not the focus of this program. The intention of these healing sounds is to heal the root of suffering and anxiety...the overactive mind. Meditation is the medicine of the soul, these sound journeys carry us to this medicine. The best way to pry mankind away from insatiable greed is to offer him what he is truly searching for...true connection with his source. Thus, spreading meditation seems to be one of the most powerful ways to encourage peace, harmony, and even sustainability. This work is not focused on healing bones or ligaments, or cleaning up the damage humans are doing to the earth, it is focused on healing the fundamental disease of humankind...unawareness.

Raised by deaf parents, Kennedy OneSelf brings a unique twist to sound healing. He is so purely non-theoretical, that music theory completely baffles him. He cannot either read music, nor understand it in any mental way. This has brought him to a completely experiential journey in sound. He has been wildly successful in his work, which now ranges from prenatal meth addiction, detox and substance abuse to mental illness, yoga festivals, weddings, ceremonies, and much more. In only 7 years of devotion to sound, he has excelled, crafting well over 200 didgeridoos, hosting didgeridoo making retreats, built 10 unity harp monochords as well as other instruments. He now has a full ensemble of gongs, tibetan and crystal singing bowls, native american flutes, drums, ocean drum, kalimba, guzheng, hulusi, bansuri, shakuhachi, tung drum, tibetan bells, didgeridoos, unity harps, shakers, n'goni, plate gong, and the collection is growing constantly. Earlier in life Kennedy has been a business major, an activist, a health coach, a street bum, a hitchiker and a motivational speaker. He intends to leave you feeling inspired, empowered and ready to launch your sound healing business. You can listen to his full length sound healing album here.

Hosted in the mountains of Asheville, NC in a 15 sided circular dome shaped house with excellent resonance and a creek with waterfalls in the backyard, this weekend long program is an immersion into experiencing sacred and soothing sounds. Vegan, organic Lunch and Dinner will be provided for both days. This will be an intimate program, with a limit of only 7 seats. This sound healing immersion program costs $360

Here is a little breakdown of the topics we will discuss,

and the activities we will engage in.

We talk about meditation:

If we wish to bring peace to others, it can only come through us if we are peaceful. We must begin by releasing attachment to outcome, and allowing others to have whatever experience comes to them. If we analyze every word we say or sound we make as good or bad, we will be creating a state of tension in ourselves. This tension will transfer to our clients. Accepting each moment as an opportunity created in perfection is the first step to allowing ourselves to become a clear channel. For this endeavor to continue to be sustainable, it must also nourish you! We are leaving the wounded healer archetype behind, and being supported on our journey to bliss, along with those who attend our healing sessions.

We will enter a short verbal and sound guided meditation to begin the program.

How to play each instrument:

We will take time to learn subtle and essential techniques of bringing sound out from different instruments, and how to find their perfect volume, pitch etc. We'll learn to play the singing bowls, crystal, metal, and alchemy. We'll learn to play gongs, and talk about different mallets to get different sounds, also incorporating rubber mallets. We'll briefly learn to play the didgeridoo, since it takes much more personal cultivation. We'll play with the ocean drum, kalimba, chakra chime, buffalo drum, tibetan bells, Koshi Chimes, Music of the Spheres, flutes- chinese hulusi, indian bansuri, japanese shakuhachi, native american flute, high pitched and deep etc. We'll play with the asian and african harps. We'll play with strumming techniques on the unity harp monochord, and tune it to match other instruments. Kenedy OneSelf has invested over $14,000 in purchasing and making instruments, in addition to thousands of hours crafting didgeridoos and harps. These instruments are what you get to play with during this immersion.

We'll Open our voices:

Exploring the many frequencies of the human voice, this extremely versatile instrument that we carry with us everywhere, can be one of the most soothing sounds, or it can be haunting, or inspiring, dark or light. We will play with letting the moment sing through us, and learn to drop the filters of the mind, allowing the perfection to arise in whatever form it will.

Matching Multiple Frequencies:

We'll learn about combining instruments, which is one of the most magical aspects of this work. We'll play with adding our own voice atop the instruments, and begin to divide our attention to multiple instruments without dividing our awareness. We'll also talk about using frequencies such as 432 and 440 hz(A), since this topic is crucial for matching instruments. Each participant will get a chance to sit in the sound healing "throne," where they can feel the potency of all the vibrational options around them. This throne has been cultivated over years of collecting instruments.

Smooth Transitions:

We'll get a feeling for how to move from one instrument to another, how to select instruments that create natural transitions, and how to not get stuck doing the same exact combination each time. We'll also discuss about how to keep fluidly moving without "thinking" about what instruments to move to next.

Opening & Closing the Ceremony:

This is a very important topic, as people can go so deep in these experiences that words should be used with full awareness and gentleness. We must find the balance between speaking powerfully- loudly enough to be understandable, and calmly-quietly. The silence after the last sound is very important; we shall not trample on it by speaking too soon. And yet, if we wait too long, some people may begin to get uncomfortable. For me this silence is ofthen the deepest meditative moment. It is important to go deep in this moment without trying to contemplate what you will say to close it. Going deep here will reveal the perfect way to close. Opening the meditation is of similar importance. Too many words can bore people and get them overly mental. Too few words might leave them without guidance or context to take on the journey with them. This is also the opportunity for you to present yourself, your intentions etc. And help them to become comfortable trusting you, as the pilot of the sound plane.

Creating different moods/crescendo of the journey:

Keeping a texture and diversity of sounds is important. Also, if we throw out all the sounds we have available to us in the first half of the journey, we have no more surprises left. We'll discuss the gentle flow between "chapters" and the possibility of creating parts of the journey that are emotion-evoking, relaxing, or even uncomfortable or intense, as the gongs sometimes accomplish. We can also utilize feeling such as shock, as in sudden loud sounds or full stops into silence that can surprise the mind into stillness. In the end your own natural creative energy will determine what kind of journey people are taken on through your sound healing experiences. Often times beginning and ending gentle and slow and making the middle higher energy lets people feel they can gentle enter the journey, and softly close, while still allowing for the intensity to exist in the center.

Clearing/catharsis as a pre-sound journey helper:

Sometimes, experiences where people can throw out all their extra baggage, grief, confusion, anger etc, can enhance their ability to be with the silence. We'll talk about different ways we can facilitate this, such as dance, toning, wailing, etc. When people are able to dance, sing, drum, or even be social before an event, sometimes this can assist them in dropping the mind during the meditation.

Intervals/Relationship between notes:

We'll talk about the magical intervals in the octave system, such as the 1/3, 1/4, and the Perfect Fifth. Not only will we talk about it, we'll hear the differences, in not just one or a couple, but in various different instruments and octaves. This is something we can play with in our vocal explorations, and will help us in deciding which tones we would like to incorporate when choosing our instruments. We'll also learn about and play with pitch matching, where we create a second sound so close to the first sound that they begin to "wobble" with each other, and create a third resonance.


How to approach creating events, describing your offering etc. Photos, recordings and more. What to expect financially, dealing with event centers or yoga studios. Percentages and flat fees. Consistency and creating a reputation. The large upfront investment that takes time to return.

My Epic Story:

I will share the story of all the magically synchronous unfoldments that brought me to this profound work, before I ever heard the term "Sound Healing." It is quite an awesome story that I'm glad to share with you, especially when it comes to the hardships and challenges I experienced trying to become a sound healer. I'll show you how I designed my van-home as my private sound healing chamber that fits two people surrounded by all these instruments. Having a rent-free office was instrumental in my success. I'll also go into some detail about how I found work in many of the different programs I've worked with over the years, including substance abuse programs in detox, prenatal, adolescent, outpatient and juvenile detention facilities, as well as mental illness, teen trauma, sexual abuse, festivals, gatherings, weddings, hosting my own "Make your own Didgeridoo" retreats, grand openings, and more. Also discussing collaborations with others that have worked, or not felt so smooth, such as acupuncture, breathwork, other sound healers, qi-gong, ecstatic dance, yoga classes, concerts and more.

Walk home with new instruments:

There are various instruments that we will be playing with that you can walk home with. I make my own Didgeridoos and Unity Harps, and Ngoni. I also have hulusi flutes and sansula kalimbas, a few singing bowls and bells, guzheng and more available for sale.

Putting What we've learned into Practice:

Each participant will get to offer a 20 minute sound healing meditation featuring the whole instrumental ensemble, while the rest of us blissfully listen. This will be a large part of the focus sunday. You can attend as many of these as you can handle, you will not be expected to sit through the entire 2 1/2 hours of sessions, but hope you will stay for most. You'll all get a chance to sit in the sound healing "throne" where you'll get to feel the potency of all the vibrational options around you. The throne is actually a foam yoga brick, surrounded by instruments that have taken years to collect.

Spirit Chant:

Now that you have experience playing each of these instruments, and tuning in to the meditative spaces within you, we put the instruments in the center of the room as well as a few hand drums. I will guide a breath-work and toning meditation, and we will enter our spontaneously created sound journey. This is how we will close our first day together, saturday.

Public Sound Healing Event:

At the close of the weekend, for anyone who can stay monday evening we will gather together to head to Asheville, where I will have set up a public sound healing event. You'll get to see how I have arranged my van to perfectly fit all of my instruments for easy transportation and set up. I'll walk you through the whole breakdown and set up, and even show you my hand-made wooden gong, didgeridoo and bell stands. I typically have about 30 people at these events, so this is an opportunity to see me in the full flow of my work. It will be a two part event, so in phase two I will guide the spirit chant, breathing and toning exercises that flow into a collaborative sound meditation journey.

Loose Schedule:


Meditation Discourse(9-10)

Playing Various Instruments(10-12)



Opening/Closing the Ceremony(2:00-3:00)

Textures & Crescendo(3:00-3:30)

Break Time/Questions & Answers(3:30-4:30)

Matching Multiple Frequencies(4:30-5:30)

Smooth Transitions(5:30-6:00)


Spirit Chant(8:00-9:30)





My Story(12:30-1:30)

Practice Sessions(2:15-4:45)


Soul Medicine Vibrations Sound Healing Experience(7:30-9:00)

Monday: Loose and relaxed morning. Opportunities to play other instruments that you didn't get a chance. This is a great time to purchase your new sound healing set-up. We'll also get a chance for more participant guided  topics, ask questions, hear answers, or just hang out and play music. We'll have a guest speaker come and talk with us as well, and then in the evening you're invited to come to a public sound healing guided by Kennedy OneSelf.

This is a three day Immersion, to teach you how to facilitate sound healing experiences, where you'll learn how to play and acquire different instruments, how to guide ceremony and also how to make this a sustainable occupation. Are you inspired to bring sound healing to the world?