Dive deep into 4 days of playing and experiencing an enormous diversity of powerful musical instruments.

      This retreat is for you if you want hands on experience with a wide variety of musical instruments that are so intuitive you don’t need any experience. Join us if you want to dive deep into entrancing frequencies that ease your nervous system while exciting your creative flow.

     These instruments are so simple & accessible, you will be making sweet sounds by day 2. You’ll walk away with the ability to use over a dozen sound healing instruments to create melodic serenity & resonant pulsations.

Serenity is worth the investment.

    With a minimum of lecture, this retreat is all about listening and playing. With meditation guidance you’ll be immersed in the sounds and the stories from different instruments daily to lead you to deep relaxation and cultural appreciation.

   Allowing the spontaneous freedom of unhindered expression, you will learn how to play the most intimate instrument you have, your own voice.

     The world of music has never seen such a rich instrumental diversity as is available in the modern day. This experience will guide you to discovering your own connection to music and support your journey to creating soundscapes with your own hands.

     And with a whole mystical marketplace of instruments, once you fall in love with one, you can take it home. The market typically includes: Didgeridoos, Gongs, Guzheng, Hulusi, Native American Style Flutes, Kalimbas, Rav Vast/Handpan, Tibetan Bells, Metal & Crystal Singing Bowls, Metallophone, Tubalophone, Wind Wands, Bird Calls, Tuning Forks, Ocean Drums, Buffalo Drums, Shruti Box and more. Come and experience an incredible wealth of instruments, and invest in having their resonance with you anytime.

Dates & Cost

April 5th-10th 2023 In Laurel Hill, NC

$785 Includes five nights lodging and 8 organic meals

             Masterfully guided, we'll be encouraged to make sound with our own bodies, through breathwork and vocal toning, we can enter an altered consciousness with the tools we carry everywhere. Many participants leave feeling surprised to be so deeply reunited with the freedom of their spontaneous song. 

Melodic Pulse: Sound Healing Immersion

Opening Circle: Dropping In (10-11:15)
Meditation Discourse (11:15-11:30)
Kennedy OneSelf Sound Healing Orchestra(11:45-1:15)
Lunch (1:15-2:45)
Guzheng Asian Harp(2:45-3:30)
Singing Bowl Meditation(3:30-4:00)
Flutes (Native American/Hulusi/Overtone/Harmony Drone/Contra Bass/etc.)(4:10-5:00)
Free Time (5:00-6:00)
Kalimba & Musical Intervals(7:00-8:30)
Vocal Toning(8:30-10:00)

Gong Bath(9:15-9:45)
Sharing Circle (9:45-11:00)
Handpan Serenade (11:15-11:45)
Unity Harp Monochord(11:45-12:15)
Lunch/Free Time (12:15-2:30)
Kamele N’Goni(African Harp)(2:30-3:00)
The Didgeridoo: Learning, Playing, Sound Bath (3:00-5:15)
Free Time (5:15-6:00)
Musical Chairs(7:30-10:00)

Sharing Circle (9:00-10:15)
Chimes/Shakers/Whistles/Bells/Ting-shas/Wind Wand etc.(10:30-11:00)
Ocean Drum (11:00-11:20)
Hulusi (Chinese Double Drone Flute)(11:30-12:00)
Lunch/Free Time(12:00-1:45)
Breath-Work (1:45-2:30)
Spontaneous Freedom:Vocal Jam (2:30-3:45)
Movement Meditation w/ Live Looping (3:45-4:15)
Free Time(4:15-6:00)
Intentional Vibration Orchestra(7:30-11:00)

Sharing Circle (9:30-10:45)
Participant-led Sound Journeys(10:45-12:15)
Participant-led Sound Journeys (1:30-3:30)
Non-verbal Music Exploration Free Time(3:30-4:45)
Demonstration of Flow(4:45-5:15)
The Symphony of Serenity: Sound Healing (7:30-9:00)
Closing Circle(9:00-10:00)

   Reserve your spot with a venmo deposit of $400 to Kennedy-oneself or mail a check.  Please also give me your email address.  Deposits are 100% refundable until 6 weeks before start of event or when event reaches full capacity. You'll be notified when immersion is full, you'll be alerted of your last chance at redeeming deposit.

There is a limit of 16 participants. This event will reach capacity fairly quickly.

            Each instrument gets to be the focal point of our attention, and has it's moment to shine. This will help us to really drop in with each one to see if one calls to us, while we learn about their origins and then relax for a mini sound bath and listen deeply to their many expressions.

You'll leave with the ability to play a dozen musical instruments, as well as a greater understanding of the history that brought these magical, musical tools to this present time.

If you’ve ever been intimidated to learn a new instrument, and desire to easefully drop into music making, this is your opportunity.