May 2nd-5th 2024!!

$800 Early bird pricing(until February 1st, 2024)

$900 after February 1st, 2024

 (Includes five nights lodging and 8 organic meals)

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​​​Sound Healing Training Program

 Reserve your spot with a venmo deposit of $400 here. Please also give me your email.  Deposits are refundable until 6 weeks before start of event or when event reaches full capacity. You'll be notified when immersion is full, you'll be alerted of your last chance at redeeming deposit.

This will be an intimate program, with a limit of only 15 seats.

      Get access to over $30,000 in unconventional and obscure musical instruments(and take some home) while experiencing a unique perspective of a viable occupation in delivering symphonic sound as musical meditation.

      The Cost of this program is only $820.

(This price includes 4 days lunch & dinner and five nights lodging) Sign up here!

     This program is perfect as an introduction, or as a deeper exploration for anyone who has been moved by the Power of Sound. We will be immersed in a supportive atmosphere of musical exploration, powerful emotion and deep connection. 

     You will leave with greater confidence, facilitation skills, and a keen understanding of how to use music to evoke a deeper state of awareness. 

 Add new instruments to your personal practice, other healing modalities, or make sound healing your livelihood. The serenity of sound will deepen your peace.

                   Come to Experience Sound, Open your voice, Reduce stress, Enhance well-being and Transcend mental limitations. This is 4 days of sonic saturation that will change your life.                                                                                           

You don't need music theory to create the enchanting resonance of sound healing.

   He has been wildly successful in his work, which now ranges from prenatal meth & heroin recovery, detox and substance abuse to mental illness, trauma, juvenile detention facilities, touring around the country, festivals, weddings, retreats, grief ceremonies, yoga studios, ecstatic dance, toning circles, qi gong, acupuncture, breath-work and much more. 

  This is a four day Immersion, that leaves you empowered to facilitate sound healing experiences, You'll learn to play and acquire different instruments, how to guide ceremony and also how to make this a sustainable occupation. Are you inspired to bring healing sounds to the world?

        Kennedy is so purely experiential, that he can hear subtle frequencies missed by most, yet he cannot either read music, nor understand most of it intellectually. This has brought him to a completely explorational journey in sound. 

Musical Mystics: Sound Healing Immersion

     Throughout time and all over the world, people have honored and utilized the power of sound to heal the body, attune the mind, and inspire the spirit. This Immersion unveils the musical mystic within you by presenting an exciting assortment of tools & techniques that guide us to a state of calm and ease.

In only 10 years of devotion to sound, he has excelled, crafting well over 200 didgeridoos, hosting didgeridoo making retreats, building 14 unity harp monochords, N'gonis and other instruments. He now has a full ensemble of gongs, tibetan and crystal singing bowls, native american flutes and split harmony drone flute, drums, ocean drum, kalimba, guzhengs, hulusis, bansuris, shakuhachi, futujara, RAV VAST "handpan", tibetan bells, dozens of didgeridoos, unity harps, shruti box w/ foot pedal, RC 505 loop pedal, wind wand, shakers, n'goni, caxixi, bull roarer, chakra chime, plate bell, aulos and the collection is constantly growing. He is also a distributor of hulusi flutes, guzhengs, kalimbas, crystal bowls and more. He has spent over $27,000 on his master collection. These instruments you get full access to play for four days.

             ~ Meditation is the medicine of the soul, these sound journeys carry us to this medicine.~

General Schedule:
Scroll down further to find detailed description of each topic/activity

Arrive Between Wednesday Evening at 6 P.M.

And Thursday morning at 9:00 A.M.
Staying Wednesday night is recommended, and lodging is included

Opening Circle: Introductions (10-11:15)

Demonstration of Flow(11:30-12:15)

Lunch (12:15-1:30)

Exploring Dynamic Instruments: Learn & Listen (1:30-3:50)

Play Various Instruments! Free Music Time(3:50-6:00)


Musical Ratios/Intervals(7:00-8:30)

Soul Medicine Vibrations Sound Healing(8:30-10:00)


Sharing Circle (9:45-11:00)

Opening/Closing the Ceremony(11:00-11:45)

Matching Frequencies/Smooth Transitions(11:45-12:30)

Lunch (12:35-1:30)

Free Time (1:30-2:30)

Catharsis as Prelude(2:30-3:00)


Vocal Toning(3:45-5:00)

Mini Sound Journeys(5:15-6:30)


Musical Orbit(8:00-10:00)

Sharing Circle (9:00-10:15)

Practical Applications: Marketing and more(10:15-12:15)


Mini Sound Journeys (1:15-2:45)

The Didgeridoo: Learning, Playing, Sound Bath (2:45-5:00)

Mini Sound Journeys 5:00-6:30)


Healing Ceremony Jam(8:00-11:00)

Sharing Circle (9:30-10:45)

Mini Sound Journeys(10:45-12:15)


Kennedy's Story(1:00-2:30)

Mini Sound Journeys (2:30-4:00)

Free Time(4:00-4:45)

Finish Mini Sound Journeys (4:45-6:00)


The Symphony of Serenity: Public Sound Healing Event (7:30-9:00)

Graduation Ceremony/Closing Circle(9:00-10:00)

Stay the night and depart in the morning if you wish

From last year's program:

"I could live a weekend like that forever."

"You've created paradise on Earth."

"I wish my whole life was like this, playing music, relaxing and meditating, connecting with this community and healing 
myself while learning how to spread that magic to the world."

 Your whole life CAN be like this. And that's exactly what this immersion is designed to encourage, by somebody who has found a way to get paid to be a living fountain of vibration.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The best way to free mankind from it's insatiable greed is not to forcefully halt his actions, but to offer him what he is actually searching for...true connection with his source. Thus, spreading meditation seems to be the most powerful way to encourage peace, harmony, and even sustainability. This work is not focused on healing bones or ligaments, or cleaning up the damage humans are doing to the earth, it is focused on healing the fundamental disease of humankind...unawareness.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

LOCATION: Camp Monroe, Laurel Hill, NC.

Earlier in life Kennedy OneSelf has been an accounting business major, a KFC dishwasher, a burger-flipper, an activist, a conspiracy theorist, a health coach, a freelance garden builder, a hitch-hiking, bench-sleeping street bum, and a motivational speaker. He is a great example of "Rags to Riches." And the immense richness in his life exceeds simple money. He intends to leave you feeling empowered and inspired to spread peaceful soundscapes.

You can listen to his full length sound healing album here.

And visit his website here,

Hosted in the blue ridge mountains, this 4-day long program includes Vegan, organic, Lunch and Dinner for all 4 days(Food will also be sugar, gluten, soy free etc.). Breakfast will be offered in a minimal, simple way. Such as granola dn yogurt, fruit and eggs etc. If you need more substantial breakfast, bring it as well as any of your own animal product needs.  This will be an intimate program, with a limit of only 12 seats.

For anyone who can truly hear, this journey can help you to listen.

Here is a little breakdown of the topics we will discuss, and the activities we will engage in.

Kennedy has been offering meditation discourses for years to substance abuse clinics and even to juvenile detention facilities and other such challenging places. As a result, he has cultivated an eloquent and poetic expression about how we can access the state of peace within. And of equal importance, why would we want to. This is fundamental to the journey of sound healing.

This is because if we wish to bring peace to others, it can only come through us if we are peaceful. The state of consciousness that we are in while we are presenting vibrations will have a huge impact on how the energy is received. If we are tense, trying to bring peace to the world, make no mistake, that tension can be palpable by our clients.

For this endeavor to continue to be sustainable, it must also nourish you! We can be supported on our journey to bliss, along with those who attend our healing sessions.

Demonstration of Flow:

I'll take you through a 30 minute fast-forward version of a full sound healing so that you can watch how the different instruments are played while hearing how they interact. Whereas most sound journeys, you just lay and listen, this one you are meant to watch.

The wide world of Musical Instruments:

We live in a time where the whole world of music is available to us. So many cultures around the world have cultivated music in their own way, and here, we in the modern day, we are blessed to explore them. We'll learn about the historical uses and the stories that brought these instruments to life, and how they became their modern versions. Then we'll learn how to play them all.

We'll learn to play the singing bowls, quartz crystal and tibetan metal. We'll learn to play gongs, and use various mallets. We'll play with the ocean drum, kalimba, chakra chime, shakers, buffalo drum, tibetan bells, metallophone, tubalophone, futujara, shruti box w/ foot pedal, Koshi Chimes, bullroarer, aulos, chimes, flutes- chinese hulusi, indian bansuri, japanese shakuhachi, native american flute, grandfather flute and contra-bass, american split harmony drone, etc. We'll play with the asian zither and african harp, as well as the Rav Vast and handpan. We'll play with strumming techniques on the unity harp monochord, and tune it to match other instruments. Many of these instruments are available to become yours. Kennedy has invested over $27,000 in purchasing and making instruments, as well as thousands of hours crafting didgeridoos and harps. This immense and diverse collection of instruments are what you get to play with during this immersion.

Opening Our Voices:
Exploring the many frequencies of the human voice, this extremely versatile instrument that we carry with us everywhere can be one of the most soothing sounds. Most people's voices are not open because of an idea of what sounds are "good" and what sounds are "bad." When it comes to sound healing, sometimes we are creating soothing landscapes for people to relax into, and sometimes we evoke emotions so that they can move through them. If we turn off the self-critical mind we can be a better conduit for the sounds of the moment. We will play with letting this moment sing through us, and learn to drop the filters of the mind.
Matching Multiple Frequencies: Smooth Transitions

We'll play with adding a second sound, be it another bowl or your voice, and see what different combinations work well. We'll also talk about using frequencies such as 432 and 440 hz(A), since this topic is crucial for matching instruments.

How to gracefully move from one instrument to another, how to select instruments that create natural transitions. We'll also discuss about how to keep fluidly moving without "thinking" about what instruments to move to next.

Opening & Closing the Ceremony:

People can go so deep in these experiences that words can feel like another world. There's an important balance between speaking powerfully- loudly enough to be heard, and gently enough to be soothing. The silence after the last sound is very important; we shall not trample on it by speaking too soon. And then, what do we say to close it? And can we also experience this silence as a profound meditation, instead of worrying about what to say? Opening the meditation is of similar importance. Too many words can be too mental or boring. Too few words might leave them without guidance or context to take on the journey with them. This is also your opportunity to introduce yourself, encouraging them to feel comfortable trusting you, as the pilot of the sound plane.

The Didgeridoo:

Having cultivated a deep connection with the didgeridoo through over a decade of playing and over 200 didgeridoos crafted, Kennedy has a lot to share about this instrument. We'll talk about the history, the culture, the ceremonies. We'll learn different playing techniques, as well as talk about circular breathing. We'll have a short didgeridoo sound bath, and there will be dozens of didgeridoos hand-made by Kennedy for you to play with.

Catharsis as Prelude:

Many people find it difficult to drop straight into the calm serenity of meditation. Sometimes, offering an engaging activity to start with can enhance their ability to be with the silence. We'll talk about different ways we can facilitate this. When people are able to dance, sing, shake, drum etc. before an event, this often assists them in dropping the mind during the meditation. Breath-work, toning, dance music, yoga asanas and drumming are a few examples of activities that could lead into a sound journey.

The distance in pitch between two notes is what creates the relationship between them. And a distinct effect can be observed that belongs to neither of the two sounds, but is a merging of both.
We'll talk about and experience the magical intervals in the octave system, such as the minor Second, major Third, Perfect Fourth, Perfect Fifth, Octave, etc. We'll hear the differences in various different instruments and octaves. This helps us learn how to match tones harmoniously, with instruments and our voices. After hearing the same intervals on various instruments, we'll break up into pairs, each with an instrument with multiple notes(a scale). As a team, each pair gets to figure out what all the relationships are in the scale between each note. This will help you to hear the difference between minor and major scales, recognize the perfect ratios by ear, and also to get comfortable figuring out how to find the interval between any two notes. Because this program is mostly experiential, this is the deepest we will go into music theory.

Although there are plenty of attendees that join us for their own exploration, and don't envision sharing their music publicly, this conversation is designed for those who wish to share their vibrations in some way. This discussion leaves people feeling inspired with the tools to make this dream a reality.
This is about how to approach creating events, or attracting clients. Advice about creating a website and business cards, photos, recordings, description, bio and more. What to expect financially, dealing with event centers or yoga studios. Percentages and flat fees. Cost demographics. Email lists. Flyering and Facebook marketing. Consistency and creating a reputation. Sound Healing is among the best attended of the healing arts events, but you'll still need to persuade attendance. Here you'll learn how to create the momentum that your career can coast on.

The Journey to Success:

I will share the story of all the magically synchronous events that brought me to this profound work, before I ever heard the term "Sound Healing." I share this story for you to hear the challenges I faced, and the dedication it took to create this amazing livelihood for myself and the world. It can be easy to see somebody who is thriving and imagine their path has been easy. But it often requires immense devotion and continual clarity to create the life of our dreams. The story, as it may seem, takes a turn towards the inspiring declaration that we can be abundant doing what we love, while sharing a powerful gift with others.

Spontaneous Jam Time:

The schedule is designed with spaciousness, and believe me, it doesn't take long for this group of inspired music lovers surrounded with new potentials to dive in and play together. You may also feel more comfortable taking an instrument into the woods to explore it alone.

Walk home with new instruments:

There are various instruments that we will be playing with, that you can walk home with. I make my own Didgeridoos you can purchase. I also have many other instruments for sale, including handpans, guzheng chinese zithers, hulusi flutes, native american flutes, sansula kalimbas, crystal and metal singing bowls, metallophone, tubalophone, koshi chimes, kyeezees buffalo drums, gongs, aura sparklers, wind wand, ocean drums and tibetan bells available for sale. This immersion is designed to make as many instruments available to you as possible. Most people leave with at least one or two instruments.

Healing Ceremony Jam:

The highlight of most people's experience, we lay one person in the middle and each pick up any instrument we'd like to play. With deep listening to what else is happening in the room, we'll each add our sound into the container, directing a benevolent and nurturing energy towards the recipient in the center. You could choose just to massage their neck or feet(if they request touch), or just send them kind loving thoughts. Some people will tone, creating a choir of angelic sounds. With somebody else on the ocean drum, a metal bowl vibrating on their heart, a didgeridoo above their head, and a far off flute or harp, it's not uncommon for the recipient to be moved to tears while receiving such a flood of intentional healing vibrations from these people they've become close to throughout the weekend. After about 10 minutes, we'll put a new person in the center, and can choose to keep the same instrument or change it up. Each one of us gets to be in the center. This is a mixture of ceremony and playfulness, which is a healthy balance to maintain.

Toning Circle:

Exploring our freedom of resonant expression, when we vibrate our bodies through our voices without involving our minds we can access a blissful trance of profound silence.

We will begin with breathing together, and gentle humming/toning. Gradually we'll explore greater volume and variety of pitch, even including sounds that are intentionally not soothing, letting our voices be a tool of catharsis, releasing the tension of holding it all in. As we become more comfortable with our voices we'll move into a free-form circle of sound.

As amazing as it is to connect in perfect harmony, we invite the focus towards silence within while sounding without. In order to do that, we must drop ideas of what sounds good and bad, and simply witness.


The breath is such a potent medicine for the consciousness, as well as a tool that allows us to access our own autonomic nervous system. Kennedy has practiced various forms of breath-work, and will guide us through a few forms that we can incorporate into our own practices.

Participant Led Sound Journeys:

Each participant will be asked to offer a 20 minute sound healing meditation featuring whatever instruments they like, while the rest of us blissfully listen. You'll all get a chance to sit in the sound healing "throne" where you'll get to feel the potency of all the vibrational options around you. The throne is actually a cork yoga brick, surrounded by instruments that have taken years to collect. People often are nervous to start, and come out saying, "wow, that wasn't so hard." Those who are listening tend to keep wanting more, but some people get over-stimulated with so many of these sessions, so attendance is optional. If you need to go on a walk you can. These sessions are spaced out throughout the final three days.

Musical Orbit:

Laid out will be a specifically arranged instrumentation, such that the sounds of each are harmonious to all the rest. Since we have already had time to explore different instruments, we should be comfortable on a few already. There will be as many seats are there are people, each with an instrument. Some, just a shaker or the voice, some with the harp, singing bowl, gong, flute, kalimba, etc. During a 5 minute sonic collaboration, we are invited to see if the instrument sings through us, or listen if it doesn't. And we'll each shift one spot to the right and sit at a different instrument. This coerces you to try even the instrument that makes you uncomfortable, or that you haven't picked up yet. This is one of the more powerful explorations of the weekend. You may be surprised how harmonious a spontaneous experience like this can be. Last year, our group said, "We could start a sound healing band right now!"

Certification of Completion:

Although sound healing requires no certification or licensing, each participant will receive a certificate to show that they have invested time and energy into learning this skill.