This harp is available for $860.

The unity harps are designed to relax the mind into silence and inspire meditative beingness. With up to 72 strings in matching tones and matching harmonics, anyone can play this instrument, simply strumming and sinking into the angelic sea of vibrating stillness.

Listen Here:

For any new harp that I build of this size and power, I am receiving around $2400 for. This one, only because it has a little bit of sloppy metal brackets on the backside(the front is pristine and looks flawless) I am selling discounted for $1600

28 strings stretched over red cedar, with a butterfuly wing, a fern leaf, and a herkimer crystal, copper bridges, closed bottom so that you can lay it on your chest and the vibrations resonate through you!

Listen to it here:

Here the big harp is tuned at A and D, while the little is tuned at D and A. Great harmony.

Great for sound healers and musicians, can be tuned to match any instrument to exact frequency hertz. With a wooden backboard, the small and medium harps can be laid upon your body. Have somebody else strum it for you, and feel the physical geometries pulsing through you in the wobbling frequencies

A real sunflower pressed and dried and lacquered onto the harp

This was the first Unity Harp I ever built, and it has been my personal harp for 2 years. Reluctantly and also excitedly I am now making it available for a new journey. It's deep rich tones have amazed many, and been the foundation for many toning circles and sound healing meditations, events and private sessions.

With apple wood and copper bridges these 28 piano wire strings stretched across naturally lacquered wood, and tuned in two tones a perfect fifth apart(C# and G#/D and A are it's favorites), adjustable tones that can match any instrument you have to the exact hertz to add a magical accent or foundation to any music or sound meditation. This instrument is 36'' long, 9 1/2'' wide and 7 inches tall. More pictures below.

Here I tuned one of the harps to match my native american style flute. Good example of how you can match it to anything!

This wooden backboard allows you to lay it on a person's chest, flushing them with pulsating vibrations in every strum.

Listen to this harp here:

Oftentimes I'll strum the drone harp after a week of not tuning it, and be astonished that it has held perfect tuning and sounds incredible. Then when I bring the tuner to it, I see that the strings are gradually stretched across the last note, and delivers dynamics that astonish with intricacies that amaze the mind, allowing it to soften.

With 49 strings tuned to the same note, the vibrations explode, each string singing at the top of it's lungs, the soft resonance stretching into infinity, their slight variations creating a unique dynamic every strum, singing the lullabye of self-realization.

A Sun designed with wild pressed and dried flowers, carnelian center, with a quartz sky and a lichen that has been sunburned red! (The other lichen on the drone harp, further from the sun, did not turn red)

"The most powerful vibrational tool I've ever experienced."-Bryan

One piece of sycamore hosts two bridges of apple with legs of maple, a tuning pin board of Australian Eucalyptus, and solid rods of copper on either end of the vibrating strings. 53'' long, 19 1/2'' wide and 7'' tall.

I began constructing unity harps from the inspiration of the monochord. In physical terms there are only a few details that are different, but when I finished my first one, I knew it to be significantly unique as it's own instrument.

Two-toned, choir of resonance, vibrating in harmonic frequencies with dozens of individual pulsations of the same tone.

The Unity Harps