After 3 pin-boards broke I found the perfect density of wood, after the side wall ripped off from the string's tension I learned a better method of securing them. After seeing wood warp and bend, and re-stringing 58 strings countless times, I discovered the optimal lumber dimensions.

   After many screws snapped halfway into the wood, I realized I was using cheap screws. After spending 5 hours hand-coiling a copper wire rod for the strings to rest on, I watched it ripped apart as soon as I started tightening the strings. Finally, I got it right, and have gotten it right over a dozen times since. You can now take the short-cut, with the consolidated wisdom from these tedious trials and eventually, incredible successes.

May the process of building this instrument and the experience of playing it bring a deeper wealth of serenity and inspiration into your life and those around you.

A real sunflower pressed and dried and lacquered onto the harp

This wooden backboard allows you to lay it on a person's chest, flushing them with pulsating vibrations in every strum.

     The first sound you hear when you open this website is the sound of the Unity Harp. It is how I open nearly every sound healing that I perform. Although structurally almost identical to the common "monochord" something about the resonance is utterly distinct. 

A Sun designed with wild pressed and dried flowers, carnelian center, with a quartz sky and a lichen that has been sunburned red! (The other lichen on the drone harp, further from the sun, did not turn red)

"The most powerful vibrational tool I've ever experienced."-Bryan

Build one for yourself, using the thorough guidebook.

"The Unity Harp"

     This instrument sounds like a choir of angels humming in perfect harmony. Dozens of strings in simple two note harmonies makes creating enchanting vibrations accessible to everyone.  Especially when all it takes is a simple strum to sink into the celestial sea of resonant stillness, this is a heavenly instrument. Even kids and “non-musicians” love playing this instrument.

       I see other sound healers not as competitors, but as collaborators, co-creating a beautiful world filled with sonic delight. So even though I spent months just trying to figure out where to get the proper strings for the harp, I here will divulge all of my secrets, because I actually feel that we'll have a slightly more peaceful world if we have a lot of beautiful calming music. Please make a Unity Harp Monochord and share it with the world. It could do a profound good.

Listen to it here:

                        Competition vs. Collaboration
  The big monochord company does not sell replacement strings in bulk so that you cannot easily build your own. They don't want competition. I am exactly the opposite.

    The deepest authenticity is when it is more important for our unique gifts to be received by the world than it is for those gifts to come through us.  If our inspirations are sincerely for the benefit of others we will have no desire to patent our passions. If our passions are pure, we will be not only accepting, but thrilled to see that others are mirroring our methods.

Angelic Vibrations anybody can create

Here I tuned one of the harps to match my native american style flute. Good example of how you can match it to anything!

Constructing A Unity Harp Monochord: Guidebook

I began constructing unity harps from the inspiration of the monochord. In physical terms there are only a few details that are different, but when I finished my first one, I knew it to be significantly unique as it's own instrument.

     My first Monochord I played was a huge one(the sound wave bed) on loan for one year. By the time it returned to it's owner, it had become a foundational aspect of my sound healing work. Naturally, I needed to build one. $7,000 I didn't have, but to spend $300 in materials I could teach myself to build it. I spent much of three months building my first Monochord. I had no instructions manual, so I repeatedly learned the hard way

After building my first one, the name monochord didn't resonate. Besides, it literally means, "one string" and was the instrument Pythagoras used to mathematically demonstrate interval relationships in sound. I couldn't call it a Monochord, and the Unity Harps were born.

    Buying a handmade Unity Harp can cost thousands. But with this guidebook, you could have quality self-crafted vibrations for about $300

This manual will guide you, step-by-step through the journey of building a beautiful and resonant instrument whose sound ushers us towards our own silence.

This manual is for sale at $40. 

Venmo to Kennedy-oneself or Paypal to

And I'll send along the manual.

            A thorough instructions Manual to guide you through the process of creating mesmerizing vibrations.

Listen Here:

Past Harps Gallery:

Here the big harp is tuned at A and D, while the little is tuned at D and A. Great harmony.

     Great for sound healers and music lovers, it can be tuned to match any instrument to exact frequency hertz. Lay the harp on the body, strum, and feel the physical geometries resounding through you in the pulsating frequencies. Have a partner or friend strum in a live meditation concert to create a wonderful backdrop for singing bowls, flutes, vocals and more.

      I no longer build these instruments for sale, as I could not keep up with demand, and have chosen to focus more on playing music than building instruments. So, to make these instruments more accessible, I've designed a monochord Construction Guidebook. Building one yourself saves about a thousand dollars, costing you just a few hundred dollars in materials, but requiring 30+ hours. 


Oftentimes I'll strum the unity harp after a week of not tuning it, and be astonished that it has held perfect tuning and sounds incredible. Then when I bring the tuner to it, I see that the strings are gradually stretched across the last note, and delivers dynamics that astonish with intricacies that amaze the mind, allowing it to soften.