For five years Kennedy made monthly visits to a prenatal and adolescent substance abuse recovery program. Coupling a uniquely charismatic approach to the subject of meditation with the potency of powerful vibrations, countless seeds have been planted to assist in the discovery of our own empowered path.

        "The sound, at first, seemed to fill the entire room. Then as I settled deeper into it, the sound formed volumetric masses that rotated and changed shapes in space as different instruments entered and left.

             It was, indeed, a transformative experience that at moments had the sense of floating inside the sound cloud, a weightless, bodiless sensation.

                    Then the sound stopped. Silence became a kind of shape of its own." ~~KnoxTNToday

      Kennedy OneSelf is a meditation enthusiast, instrument maker and sound artist whose intention is to lessen the suffering of humanity by facilitating experiences of serenity that can remind us of our divinity. After years of trying to spread spiritual wisdom, he found that a single moment of peace can communicate what no words can say. Discovering the power of intentional resonance, he has devoted the last decade to cultivating a sonic symphony that encourages tranquility.

Kennedy's humble beginnings sparked when a friend held his vibrating didgeridoo over her heart. Her inspired and amazed response was enough to inspire him down a long path of devotion to vibration. He has devoted over a decade to exploring how different sound frequencies affect the consciousness of the listener.

And the typical response is something like...

"I've never felt so relaxed in my 42 years." 

“This is the one time a month I feel deeply relaxed...When you gonna start coming every week!?”

"we just went on an acid trip without the acid!"

"It wasn't just an experience, it was a gift, I now have tools that I can take with me for the evolution of my consciousness." 

The wide assortment of instruments demonstrated through a full sound journey shortened to 4 1/2 minutes!

Listen to the Full Album, The Symphony of Serenity!

Awakening to Awareness through Vibration as Meditation

Guided Meditations

"Is that what it feels like to be a musical instrument?" 

"The most significant out of body experience of my entire life"   

      Kennedy OneSelf offers sound healing meditation jouneys in  drug addiction clinics, mental illness programs, churches, teen trauma programs, on tour around the country, at yoga studios, festivals, public events, resonant domes, retreats, ecstatic dance, etc. as well as hosting Didgeridoo Immersion Retreats, Sound Healing Apprenticeship Immersions, has crafted well over 200 didgeridoos, 14 Unity Harp Monochords and more. 

    If troubled teens and meth addicted mothers can find peace through these sounds, so can you.

       A profoundly potent symphonic orchestration of acoustic vibration that guides the listener to the inner stillness where lasting peace resides.

     Participants in this voyage through vibration simply lay down and relax. When we listen with conscious alertness, simply noticing the melodically pulsating conversation of harmonic frequencies, we can experience a deep serenity that lingers long after the last sound. These sonic symphonies are designed to be a foundation for our journey towards greater wellness of spirit.

Give yourself a few moments to relax and listen

Based in Asheville, NC

Soul Medicine Vibrations

     My intention is to facilitate in the recollection of awareness. And after years of this dedication to serving the arising awakening, the one self that we are all part of, this is what I have found to be the most powerful bridge between the tangible and intangible, temporary and infinite. I am honored to provide these vibrations, that aim to remind us of who we truly are.

Sound Healing

40 minute live sound journey video!

     Host your own "Symphony of Serenity" at your local yoga studio, healing arts clinic or for a private event! Add a sound healing to your healing retreat or workshop! Working with a private organization that could benefit from this art? Kennedy is happy to offer these meditative concerts in a wide variety of circumstances. 

Sound Healing Guided Meditation & 

Fire-hollowed Consciously Crafted Didjeridus

& Harmonic Meditation Unity Harp Monochords